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Why Should an Affordable Home Ownership Program be an Employee Benefit?


Traditional house hunting is time-consuming. Homebuyers appreciate the time they’ve saved at work by doing things digitally and not being interrupted with phone calls.


Multiple studies show homeownership has a positive psychological impact on the individual, including an increased sense of investment in the community.


By making ownership more affordable, employees may have a greater chance to live near work, and reduce commute times, therefore increasing satisfaction, along with retention.


Buying a home is an emotional process. By being an active participant in helping that milestone occur for employees and their families, employers can naturally increase employee loyalty.

Attracting Talent

A significant number of millennials report being willing to make a small salary sacrifice if the employer provides them with certain benefits that improve quality of life and enhance their careers.


Millennials want to own homes, they just can’t afford it. Offering home buying assistance as a benefit helps to support that effort.

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Forbes Real Estate Council, May 2018


The traditional process of buying a home can be cumbersome, time-consuming and stressful. It can often distract from work and personal relationships. Providing assistance to employees, both in the form of financial incentives and informational resources that help make homeownership more accessible, helps create happier employees and overall reduces the stress related to the task of buying a home.

Financial incentives and Informational resources

87% of Americans still identify owning a home as part of the American Dream. Our mission is to help your employees realize that dream, helping your company attract and retain valuable employees.

The EHOP Experience

Myehop - Education of Benefits

Education of Benefits

EHOP educates employees on the benefits of homeownership and the home buying process. An EHOP exclusive benefit is offered to employees.

One-On-One Consultation

An EHOP concierge provides one-on-one consultation with employees to determine price point, mortgage pre-qualification, home specifications, and desired location.

Myehop - One-On-One Consultation
Myehop - Application Submission

Application Submission

Employees submit a mortgage application to determine qualifications. Once pre-approved, the EHOP concierge guides the employee through the next and final steps.

We’d love to learn more about your
company and how we can best serve your team.